I have recently installed oracle 11g on Windows 7 Home Premium Operating System. I logged in as administrator into windows. I am trying to create a database using DBCA wizard. I started the wizard as administrator. Everything goes fine until last step. However when creating the database the creation fails with ORA-01034 Oracle Not Available error. All my oracle services looks up and running. I consulted the documentation and forums. I have got no clue why I am running into the error.

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Did you look here?

A quote:

When DBCA is used to create or configure the database, the corresponding entry for the listener name alias is NOT automatically added to the tnsnames.ora file

Make sure the entry for the listener name alias specified by the LOCAL_LISTENER exists in the TNSNAMES.ORA file.


Before running DBCA, can you start LISTENER with lsnrctl start command?

You can find this tool in $ORACLE_HOME/bin.

If any config(LISTENER.ora) isn't created then this command will create it from scratch.


Try to ensure the listener is in fact running:

root@localhost~] $ su - oracle
oracle@localhost~]$ lnsrctl start #this will run your default listener 

If you have a specific named listener, then you must specify the name. For example, I have listener1 for starting my Finance database, so I will start this listener with the following command:

syntax lsnrctl start <listener name>
oracle@localhost~]$lsnrctl strart Listener1

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