I have a desktop outside the network. It VPNs in and is assigned a public facing IP. When I attempt to RDP to the public facing IP it won't connect. When I RDP into the server, or any other computer on the domain, I can RDP to the desktop attached to the VPN. My only guess is that it is a setting in the Firewall or in the Remote Access setup. Does anyone know how I can set up the systems involved so I can use the public facing ip address to RDP.


Server: Windows Server 2008 R2 VPN Software: Windows Role, Network Policy and Access Service. Firewall is the built in windows firewall in windows on both machines.

Client: Windows 7 Ultimate

  • Can we have a few more details - when you say you receive a public IP when you connect to the VPN, why is that? The VPN should be assigning you a private IP on the LAN segment you are connecting to. That is after all what a VPN does. When you say "VPN Software", do you mean a third-party VPN solution, or the built-in Windows RRAS? Does the server have a public-facing IP (or is it on a DMZ)? – charnley Mar 24 '11 at 14:58

Look at your firewall settings, there is scope in rule allowing you to connect using RDP, so enable all scopes (Local, Work and public), also look NLA (network location awareness)

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