I have been exporting NFS from OpenSloarins like this (successfully):

zfs set sharenfs=root=rw=host1:host2:host3 pool1

I'm acting according the man pages sharefs, share_nfs but the following does not work:

zfs set sharenfs=root=rw=host1:host2:host3,ro=host4 pool1

All hosts loose access permission.

How can I share to some hosts as read/write and to some as read only?


I think you have a syntax problem. The value of the sharenfs property is the options that get sent to share(1). Try

zfs set sharenfs=rw=host1:host2:host3,ro=host4 pool1

unless you really do need to be exporting the filesystems with root permissions to all those hosts, in which case it's safest to be explicit:

zfs set sharenfs=rw=host1:host2:host3,root=host1:host2:host3,ro=host4 pool1

(or better yet, use a netgroup or network instead).

  • Yes. This was wrong sharenfs=root=rw=. Your config is now in my production. – Aleksandr Levchuk Mar 27 '11 at 5:33

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