This example is related to MongoDB but the core issue is with SSH tunneling, MongoDB stuff should add value though


I'm attempting to bring up a local MongoDB node which is part of a ReplicaSet based in a data-centre. TCP/IP will be tunneled over SSH from local to data-centre.

All boxes, local and data-centre, are running CentOS.

This works fine when creating a tunnel on data-centre box1 to local node using:

ssh -v -4 -f -N -o TCPKeepAlive=no -o ServerAliveInterval=15 -L27017: -g a_user@server_i_have_ssh_access_to

box1 can access the local node Mongo shell with command (cmd 1):

mongo --host localhost --port 27017

box2 can also access the local node Mongo shell with command (cmd 2):

mongo --host box1 --port 27017

box2 in the data-centre can also connect to the box1:27017, the forwarded port of my local node.

however, it would be much preferable, simpler, and should be possible to setup a reverse forward between local node and box1 on the same ports as above. Using the command:

ssh -v -4 -f -N -o TCPKeepAlive=no -o ServerAliveInterval=15 -R27017: -g a_user@box1

now i can connect from box1 to local node using cmd 1 above, however, cmd 2 fails with:

Error: couldn't connect to server box1:27017} (anon):1139 exception: connect failed

Any ideas?


By default -R only listens on the loopback interface (the default for -L is all interfaces). Hence cmd1 works because it is being run locally on box1 but cmd2 fails because it is being run on box2. The fix is to change -R to one of:


All I can think of is TCP Wrappers or some other authentication is failing. Anything in /var/log/auth.log if it's a Debian-based OS or similar ?

  • Thanks. I'm using CentOS.The equivalent log is located at /var/log/secure, and there are no related messages in this log on any of the related machines.
    – chris
    Mar 28 '11 at 15:21

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