I have java war file which is stored in s3 now I need to copy that file to the tomcat6 var/lib/webapps folder using ssh through my command line is it possible to do that. Or how do I send the war file my to remote instance tomcat6 folder. I failed to do that using scp. scp -r localfile.txt username@

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You can use the s3cmd command line tool to do just that. Ensure you have s3cmd installed:

sudo apt-get install s3cmd

Then, from the command line, you can do lots of things (including downloading a file).

Run this to configure the tool for your S3 credentials:

s3cmd --configure

Then you simply run:

s3cmd get s3://<bucket name>/<file name> <local file name>

...to retrieve your file to the location of your choice.

Reference of all commands is here:


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