I want to remount a file system with optimized options (noatime,nobarrier,etc.) on SLES11. I was going to do it by updating /etc/fstab first and then do something like mount -o remount /srv/share. The problem is that there are images of several active virtual machines on this file system exported via NFS and I was thinking if remount can be done without shutting them down. So is remount operation disruptive? Have anyone ever tried something like this before? What was the outcome?


I just did something similar and it had no discernible effect on the remote host. I say: go for it.

What I did:

  • hostA (client) mounts hostB (server) via NFS: mount hostB:/share /share
  • on hostA the following command was run: ( cd /bigdata && tar cf - . ) | ( cd /share && tar xvf - )
  • hostB the following command was run: mount -o remount,noatime /share

I saw no problems, no log messages.

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    It just worked for me too. There was a backup restore running on this volume as well as several active VMs doing data crunching at the same time. Thanks. – dtoubelis Apr 5 '11 at 6:33

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