I'm not sure I can do what I want to do but here goes...

I have the following 2 websites setup on IIS 7 with the bindings specified

  • Production Web Site Bindings:

    • http / www.mydomain.com / 80
    • https / www.mydomain.com / 443
  • Staging Web Site Bindings:

    • http / sub1.mydomain.com / 80
    • https / sub1.mydomain.com / 443

I have a UC (SAN) SSL Certificate which covers all the domains. And I used the * friendly name trick when installing the cert to allow me to specify the bindings for the https.

Problem is when I visit https://sub1.domain.com I am seeing the Production website not the site on the staging.

As you can probably see I am having to use one server to managing a staging/testing site and the actually production site. Not ideal I know.

anyone know if what I'm doing is achievable?


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If you are performing the configuration via the IIS management console UI, that will not work. You have to use the appcmd command-line utility.



As well you might be able to add second IP to the server and configure the sub1 site to use it.

  • thanks, but I'm going to have alot of subdomains (one per client) so I don't really want to have to use different ips per client.
    – jryan
    Apr 7, 2011 at 10:51

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