I have a Cisco 2811 with 256MB DRAM. I know this because show version tells me so. I want to upgrade it to 768MB. I know that this takes 1 - 512MB amd 1 - 256MB DIMM. I know that the 2811 has 2 memory slots.

What I do not know is whether the 256 MB I have is 2 - 128MB DIMMs or 1 - 256MB DIMM.

Is there an IOS command for me to find this out, and if so what is it? I am not near the router right now, so simply powering it off and removing the lid is a non-starter, however easy it would be, and let us just say that the less access the on-site staff have to the inside of my routers, the happier I'll be. Am I doomed to drive over after hours, or else buy an additional ridiculously expensive DIMM I may not need?


show platform gives what you want. And it's included in a show tech.

sample output (interesting part only):

r01#sh platform 
3725 Network IO Interrupt Throttling:
throttle count=0, timer count=0
active=0, configured=0
netint usec=4000, netint mask usec=1000
IO Mask is 3
3725,  r4k_cpu_level: 0
r4k_cpu_level: 0
Intr Mask is 9703


Dimm 0 SPD data :
Size of dimm                 = 128 Megabytes

Dimm 1 SPD data :
Memory Slot Empty
  • Perfect. Thank you so much. I knew there had to be a way. – atroon Apr 6 '11 at 0:27

It's late here so I can't check, could be wrong but won't show tech-support do that?

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