I need to host a web app for a job application. The app is dependant on an Apache Module, meaning my regular webhost (Dreamhost) cannot support it. My private internet connection also isn't an alternative.

I was thinking about hosting it on a VPS somewhere. Suggestions for a VPS host that maybe has a trial period? Or other solutions?


It might be worth having a look at amazon's free offering for EC2


If it is for a job application then being able to throw in the fact you are familiar with popular "cloud" platforms such as AWS never hurts.

  • Thanks for that suggestion - I ended up setting up an EC2 server with Linux. Wasn't too hard to get running. I mainly used codelikezell.com/… as a guide. Let's see if the company likes the cloud buzz :-) – Grav Apr 6 '11 at 23:42
  • Cool, glad it worked. Useful guide as well – Nick Downton Apr 7 '11 at 8:31

There are a number of VPS providers that can provide daily nodes, however having a virtual private server instead of shared hosting does have a number of benefits (such as an increase in control, reliability and performance) so you may wish to consider taking the small jump from shared hosting to your own private machine.


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