I know virtually nothing about webhosting or SSL encryption. My company has 2 SSL certificates through godaddy for our outlook web app. They are both about to renew, and I just want to make sure we need them both, or at least understand them a bit better. Here is what they say.

(1) webmail.example.org

Standard (Turbo) SSL (1Year)(annual)

(2) webmail.example.org

Standard Multiple Domain (UCC) SSL Up to 5 Domains - 1 year (annual)

However, when I click "Manage Certificate," they both have "Standard UCC SSL" listed under Type.

It feels like we are paying for 2 Certificates but we only need 1. Am I right, or what am I missing?

Thank you.

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You only need one, but which one depends on some factors. The UCC cert is the same thing as the other, plus it includes Alternate Subject Names. A certificate is issued for a particular Subject Name, in your case a web address; but you can put more than one on a cert (useful and/or necessary in cases where one server has multiple sites).

If you only have one web address that uses SSL; you probably just want the Standard SSL cert (which will be the cheaper of the two as well). If you have multiple sites, you probably want the UCC SSL Cert.


You are right you should only have one SSL.

If you have an SSL valid for a particular (sub)domain that's all you need. A multi domain license is as it says, valid for multiple domain. It's normally cheaper and easier to mange one certificate but it does not do anything different.

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