I am considering what NFS mounting options should be used in a large collection of automount maps being used over a large number of hosts (>500). Of note, there is a collection of machines, both Linux (RH, Suse) and UNIX (Sun, AIX, HP/UX). Also, there is automount support provided for hosts outside the US. What I have been considering is the following options in the maps:


I have not specified rsize or wsize as I understand that the largest size between the host and the server is negotiated.

What do you all use or recommend?

  • Why are you considering rh change ? What is broken ? – user9517 Apr 12 '11 at 18:06

As you can't specify more for autofs then any regular NFS mounts all the caution regarding NFS applies. The rsize and wsize parameters have non-maximum defaults but will be negotiated when you set it to something very large and you have to check /proc/mountsto see what was negotiated. Generally your settings seem fine to me as a NFS service interruption taken care of in your case due to the intr,bg,timeo et al.

Do I understand that correctly, you mount NFS via a WAN?

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