I ordered some new PCs with Intel vPro enabled on them, but now that I have them I'm not sure how to use it.

I found some old websites about using Altiris and Microsoft SMS but those are expensive and really meant for large organizations. Does anyone know of a free or cheap way to use vPro?

  • What did you end up using? – Arya Oct 3 '16 at 21:13

Intel has a list of free tools at the below link:


Another option is Spiceworks, a free network monitoring/help desk/PC inventory tool. An Intel AMT plugin available to allow remote access, device sharing, and power on/off from within Spiceworks.


From Wikipedia:

VNC-based KVM Remote Control

In vPro 6.0 PCs with embedded Intel graphics, Intel AMT embeds a proprietary VNC Server, so you can connect out-of-band using dedicated VNC-compatible Viewer technology, and have full KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) capability throughout the power cycle - including uninterrupted control of the desktop when an operating system loads. Clients such as VNC Viewer Plus from RealVNC also >provide additional functionality that might make it easier to perform (and watch) certain Intel AMT operations, such as powering >the computer off and on, configuring the BIOS, and mounting a remote image (IDER).

Have you tried using a VNC Viewer to connect to these machines?


2018 Update:

UltraVNC now redirects to RealVNC. The RealVNC product you need is the Viewer Plus - the standard (and free client) does not do KVM over IP.

There is no information on TightVNC's site regarding capacity to access the VNC server running inside a vPro chip.

Other options are:


Every Intel AMT enabled PC has a web server running on port 16992 and/or 16993 (https).

Just point your web browser to:




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