I try to send an e-mail to my Ubuntu server. After waiting a long wail, nothing happens. This is what I found in my log files:

2011-04-22 15:23:01 1QDGK5-0003BI-On remote host address is the local host: ***.net
2011-04-22 15:23:01 1QDGK5-0003BI-On == postmaster@***.net R=dnslookup_relay_to_domains defer (-1): remote host address is the local host
2011-04-22 15:23:01 1QDGK5-0003BI-On Frozen

When I try again, I still get this error. What can I do about it? I'm using Exim4 on Ubuntu (and DBMail).

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Well, exim thinks that ***.net is a remote host and failed when trying to forward the mail because you have not added ***.net to local_domains like this: domainlist local_domains = @ : localhost : ***.net


It may have to do with your /etc/hosts file. If you have set the domain, you want to send to, to localhost.

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