I've come across a strange issue.

I've got a zfs partition mounted, in it a solaris "hard partition" zone has been created.

We have noticed that the /home directory

  1. root in the global zone cannot access this directry at all

    global> id uid=0(root) gid=0(root) global> cd home/ home/: Not owner. global> ls -la |grep home dr-xr-xr-x 1 root root 1 Jun 16 14:38 home

  2. root in the client zone can read, but not write to this directory

    client1> id uid=0(root) gid=0(root) client> cd /home client> touch foo touch: foo cannot create client> cd .. client> chmod u+w home chmod: WARNING: can't change home

What is going on here? As far as I can see, there is nothing "special" about this directory

gloabl> cat /etc/zones/client1.xml 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE zone PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems Inc//DTD Zones//EN" "file:///usr/share/lib/xml/dtd/zonecfg.dtd.1">
    DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE.  Use zonecfg(1M) instead.
<zone name="knobs1" zonepath="/zones/client1" autoboot="true">
  <network address="" physical="bge0"/>
  <network address="" physical="bge0"/>
  <network address="" physical="bge0"/>

gloabl> zfs list | grep client1
zpool1/zones/client1                 29.2G  34.7G  14.2G  /zones/client1
zpool1/zones/client1@initial         5.89M      -  5.89G  -
zpool1/zones/client1@pre_profiling   74.4M      -  8.58G  -
zpool1/zones/client1@post_profiling  8.01G      -  19.7G  -
zpool1/zones/client1@pre-rebuild     4.42G      -  18.4G  -

Additional information added, as requested.

# getfacl -a /zones/client1
File system doesn't support aclent_t style ACL's.
See acl(5) for more information on Solaris ACL support.
# zfs get all zpool1/zones/client1
NAME                 PROPERTY       VALUE                  SOURCE
zpool1/zones/client1  type           filesystem             -
zpool1/zones/client1  creation       Wed Apr 30 18:09 2008  -
zpool1/zones/client1  used           29.2G                  -
zpool1/zones/client1  available      34.7G                  -
zpool1/zones/client1  referenced     14.2G                  -
zpool1/zones/client1  compressratio  1.00x                  -
zpool1/zones/client1  mounted        yes                    -
zpool1/zones/client1  quota          none                   default
zpool1/zones/client1  reservation    none                   default
zpool1/zones/client1  recordsize     128K                   default
zpool1/zones/client1  mountpoint     /zones/client1          local
zpool1/zones/client1  sharenfs       off                    default
zpool1/zones/client1  checksum       on                     default
zpool1/zones/client1  compression    off                    default
zpool1/zones/client1  atime          on                     default
zpool1/zones/client1  devices        on                     default
zpool1/zones/client1  exec           on                     default
zpool1/zones/client1  setuid         on                     default
zpool1/zones/client1  readonly       off                    default
zpool1/zones/client1  zoned          off                    default
zpool1/zones/client1  snapdir        hidden                 default
zpool1/zones/client1  aclmode        groupmask              default
zpool1/zones/client1  aclinherit     secure                 default
zpool1/zones/client1  canmount       on                     default
zpool1/zones/client1  shareiscsi     off                    default
zpool1/zones/client1  xattr          on                     default
  • Add also: ls -dv /home – SaveTheRbtz Jun 18 '09 at 2:03

It could be that you have/need to have /home mounted using automount. Take a look at the /etc/auto_home and /etc/auto_master files (in the zone). Chances are you have it set to automount /home, but haven't configured where to automount from in /etc/auto_home.

Adding something like the following to /etc/auto_home will let you have home dirs automounted from /export/home:

*       localhost:/export/home/&
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  • 1
    This was it, /home was actually setup (which I guess is standard) with automounter. This isn't something that we use, and one of the developers needed to replicate a linux directory structure on this solaris machine, needed to create things under /home I've changed the location where automounter puts auto_home, so it should be all good now. Thanks. – Matthew Watson Jun 18 '09 at 3:37

Just a guess, but what shows

getfacl -a /zones/client1

and also

zfs get all zpool1/zones/client1
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I'm not sure I completely understand your configuration. Please correct me and add the missing details where necessary:

  1. You have created a ZFS filesystem in your global zone for use by a non-global zone.
  2. You wish to permit the non-global zone to control the ZFS filesystem.
  3. You're (obviously) having a problem with global zone and non-global zone accessing the data in some manner.
  4. You're trying to permit the non-global zone to see the data in the same manner as the global zone.


  1. Please send the relevant parts of zpool history
  2. Please send the entire output of the non-global zones configuration:
    # zonecfg -z zone info
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