A year ago I tried a couple of different email senders because I wanted to simplify sending emails from the command line. There are a couple of tools for it, I tried (I don't remember exactly):

  • sendmail
  • mail
  • xmail
  • ssmtp
  • uuencode
  • some mime scripts I found on the web using mail, that handle attachments.
  • echo body text | mutt -s subject -a /etc/resolv.conf [other files] -- test@example.com

The issue of attaching a file was difficult, due to

  • encoding issues
  • mime types for binary files
  • attaching multiple files failed (no clear boundaries between them)
  • send text files as attachment, not in email body

but eventually it worked with mutt (with the command above). I would have preferred a method without the invocation of a big program, but I was fine with it.

At some point I stopped using it, because I always had to enter the email addresses by hand and I never remember them.

In order further facilitate command line sending,

is there an easy way to enable tab-completion for email addresses?

I guess there is some manual work involved, because I didn't find anything on the web. Building an email index (exported cvs from gmail) seems easy, but what if John Jerry uses jj44@example.com as his email address? It would be necessary to complete

  • Jo<tab>
  • Je<tab>
  • ex<tab> and
  • jj<tab>.

This must be somehow fed into the readline utility - I don't know if that's difficult, but I'm looking for an easy way, if there is one!


You can do this with the bash-completion package and some custom scripting. Mutt completion is enabled by default.

See the following tutorials for extending the bash-completion functionality:




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