So, I setup master-slave replication in MySQL on two virtual machines in two different physical servers. The problem that I am scratching my head at now, is, when the master goes down, how do the clients switch to the slave to do reads?

For example:

Master ( mysql1.mydomain.com
Slave  ( mysql2.mydomain.com

All clients currently connect to mysql1.mydomain.com, how in the world do I configure this? Seems like I need IP-Failover, or some DNS magic. A DNS magic record that was mysql-cluster.mydomain.com that always pointed to the MySQL server that is up or master, would be perfect.


You can use Heartbeat : It can manage a virtual IP address between your two nodes. Your clients will use this vip to connect to mysql - If the master fails, heartbeat detects it and ups the vip on the second node. Be careful not to set the auto-failover on the primary node when it comes back, because obviously his data will be outdated


If you want to go for "DNS magic", then choose Round Robin DNS.

This is only a partial solution: what about MySQL updates since the slave is read-only? Maybe MySQL master-master replication is a better solution in this situation.

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