We have a Cisco 3548XL switch. Fa0/1 and Fa0/2 are configured with the:

    port group 1 


This gives me this:

    switch#show etherchannel summary 
    Flags:  d - default     D - down
            I - in use

    Group Ports
    ----- -----
    1     Fa0/1(I) Fa0/2(Id)

The trouble is, I am unsure which bonding driver option to use on the linux box.

The linux box is connected to Fa0/1 and Fa0/2 with eth0 and eth1 respectively. The bond is up with 802.3ad (LACP) selected as the driver option.

I am now of the understanding that the version of IOS on the 3500 series of switches doesn't support LACP.

My questions are:

  • Does the 3548 switch use PaGP natively
  • Should I use a different bonding method on the linux box such as balance-rr (0)
  • If I use a bonding method such as balance-tlb (5) that doesn't require any special switch support on the linux box, should I disable Etherchannel on the switch?
  • Shall I just find a switch that supports LACP 802.3ad such as a 2950 with IOS12.1 release 22?

On another note, I tried to configure the new port group on this switch using this command:

Regards, Chris


You should be using bonding mode - 4.

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