there is the way, how to automatically create the subdomain, virtualhost for apache, sharing configuration (samba), etc when I add a new user?

I want it's work like the web hosting service, when we registered, domain create automatically??

how to do that? or that is no way?

note: My server use debian 5.


I've setup some shell scripts to somewhat automate the creation of new users, Apache virtual hosts, etc., but I'd imagine the shared hosting providers use something like CPanel/WHM or some homegrown automation.


Looks like there are some open source alternatives to CPanel out there now. Haven't tried any, hopefully another SF user can chime in as to quality:




More here, could be dated: http://wiki.debian.org/HostingControlPanels

  • OK. CPanel maybe the way for this. I'm the same with your imagine. But, I still learn about linux. I can't pay for CPanel license, that not suit for me. – Muhammad Resna Rizki Pratama May 8 '11 at 2:42

If you're literally using adduser, then there's support for an adduser.local file, and there should be an example of one in /usr/share/doc/adduser/examples/adduser.local. Copy it to /usr/local/sbin, edit it to your needs, and it will be used anytime you run adduser.

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