I have a Wyse C90LE7 Thin Client with Windows Embedded Standard 7. By default it stores Internet Explorer Cookies in a Folder on the Z: ramdrive.

I need the Cookies to be stored on the C: flash drive, so that they are persisted through reboots.

When logged on with the Administrator user profile I can run regedit and see that the HKU registry hive of the User user profile is quite thin with no mention of a path with Z: in it.

What's funny is that even after I added User to the Administrators group this User seems to have only its totally restricted permissions (Only some entries and no Run... in the start menu, restricted control panel, etc.)

Some hints to point me to the right direction would be great.

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In case anyone is interested, our solution was to use another device, the Wyse C50LE Thin Client with Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise and Firefox as browser.

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