Does anyone know of any solutions to convert a Maildir to a PST in linux? I'm able to use a program in Windows called Aid4Mail, but that requires me to pull the Maildir down from the server. I've got a bunch of users' boxes to convert, so that route isn't ideal.

All my users are remote, so it's not like I can just use Outlook to connect to the IMAP server and export as PST from their machines.


There are projects like libpst allowing access to PST files from within Linux, but I doubt that anything aside from Microsoft's tools themselves will give you a "clean" PST output.

I cannot see though why you could not connect to the IMAP server using Outlook from your machine and simply copy the messages to one or more PST stores mounted in Outlook - this is going to produce predictably valid results. If you are concerned about the number of manual operations needed for that task, you might consider using Outlook VBA to script folder recursion and message copying using the CopyTo method.


I've never tried this but it looks workable.

Well it's convoluted, but I think the route is to convert maildir to mbox (that's a piece of cake and can be done with a bash script) then to convert the mbox file to eml format using mbox2eml Outlook can then open the eml format and import it to pst.

  • Outlook 2016 seems to be only able to open the eml files one by one. To the point that I had to use a reverse route (eml > maildir > IMAP server) to import mails from Windows Live Mail to Outook – Frédéric Grosshans Aug 21 '17 at 15:53

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