I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 Server with LAMP and Webmin configured. I have a name-based virtual host "mydomain.com" that is running fine and accepts connections via http:// or on port 80.

I want to enable SSL with a certificate I purchased from GoDaddy. I've read that others have an "SSL Options" button in their virtual host and can simply copy/paste the contents of their certificate in there. I don't have the button -- is there something I'm missing? Is there another way to do this with virtual hosts + Webmin?


You can follow the instruction on this Howto to configure SSL. Scroll down to the HTTP Configuration section. You would need mod_ssl too.

The directories /etc/ssl/certs and /etc/ssl/private are the default locations. If you install the certificate and key in another directory make sure to change SSLCertificateFile and SSLCertificateKeyFile appropriately.

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