I have a remote machine at example.com with sshd listening to port 1234 and a web service at port 5678.

For some reasons, I want to 'localize' the http requests to that web service.

When I execute

ssh -L 4321:example.com:5678 root@example.com -p 1234 -N

On the local machine (, I can view the web service by navigating to:


However, if I point the browser to:

I get error (Error 102: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED if that makes any difference).

Is there a way to make the ssh port forwarding available under ip address rather than localhost?

I need it in order to have the remote service available for other computers on the LAN (

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I just found this SSH port forwarding

ssh -L \*:4321:example.com:5678 root@example.com -p 1234 -N

is the way to go


When using remote port forwarding, ensure that sshd_config on server has gateway ports enabled (GatewayPorts yes). Otherwise sshd will ignore the bind interface and only bind on localhost

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