I'm trying to read the manpage for read(3) on my CentOS system:

$ man read 3
No manual entry for 3

What/Which package do I have to install to get these manpages?

(glibc* packages are installed on my system)

  • what gives you the impression that there is a read(3) man page? see read(2). – Mat May 16 '11 at 14:15

For the man command, the section should be first then the name. Also, the man page for read() on my CentOS 5 system is in section 3p, not 3.


man 3p read
yum -y install man-pages

This will install a large percentage of the programmers' man pages, which do not come by default on a CentOS minimal install.


For programmer man pages on CentOS 7, you also need :-

sudo yum install man-pages-overrides

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