I need to add SSL module into Httpd Server. So, I created mod_ssl.so file by compiling the SSL module source code, with the help of apxs. I used command "apxs -c mod_ssl.c". I added the string "LoadModule mod_ssl modules/mod_ssl.so" into the httpd.conf file.

When I start the server I got the error message -

httpd: Syntax error on line 57 of /Users/gauravgoel/Apache-HttpServer/httpdBuild-2.2.16/httpdInstall-2.2.16/conf/httpd.conf: Cannot load /Users/gauravgoel/Apache-HttpServer/httpdBuild-2.2.16/httpdInstall-2.2.16/modules/mod_ssl.so into server: dlopen(/Users/gauravgoel/Apache-HttpServer/httpdBuild-2.2.16/httpdInstall-2.2.16/modules/mod_ssl.so, 10): Symbol not found: _ssl_callback_TmpDH\n  Referenced from: /Users/gauravgoel/Apache-HttpServer/httpdBuild-2.2.16/httpdInstall-2.2.16/modules/mod_ssl.so\n  Expected in: flat namespace\n in /Users/gauravgoel/Apache-HttpServer/httpdBuild-2.2.16/httpdInstall-2.2.16/modules/mod_ssl.so

Can you please help me?


  • What is the OS? May 17, 2011 at 18:28

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This is most likely because apache cannot find the libssl.so dynamic library. On a Linux system, look at the man page for ldconfig and see if your openssl library in the dynamic linker path with ldconfig -p. On Solaris, look at the man page for crle to see what your runtime linker environment is.

  • ldd /Users/gauravgoel/Apache-HttpServer/httpdBuild-2.2.16/httpdInstall-2.2.16/modules/mod_ssl.so will also show more directly if any required libraries are missing. Mar 4, 2014 at 19:10

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