I have a filezilla ftp server on a Windows Web Server 2008R2, which is accessible only via command prompt. I am unable to connect to the ftp server via any client. The port 21 on the server is open. Is there anything which I might be missing about the ftp server's setting ?

Best Regards, Rahul

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    What do you mean "is accessible only via command prompt"? – lg. May 20 '11 at 10:38

If your FTP Server is behind a firewall it might be to do with whether your client is using Passive connections or not. If your client has this option then try turning it on/off.

That said, the passiveness shouldn't affect your ability to login, just to transfer files.

Can you connect but not transfer? Or not even connect?


It would be helpful to know what IP your connecting to from the local machine.. I'm betting it's a firewall or a binding issue and your connecting to localhost

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