I am looking for simple software that allows me to monitor popular webhosters in the following months to see performance.

I have used smokeping in the past for this purpose, but it seems that smokeping is horribly outdated and pretty hard to configure.

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I don't see anything "horribly outdated" and "pretty hard to configure." about smokeping compared to other packages. In fact if you only want to measure latency (so you don't need a full network monitoring system like Opennms or Nagios) I always recommend smokeping.

  • linuxserver/smokeping makes configuring a bit easier. Mount the config-dir, fire up, edit the configuration, restart.
    – arve0
    Oct 5, 2020 at 14:51

There is a simple solution for that with a relatively new service CocoPacket.

Check out the demo page -> https://demo.cocopacket.com

It works like Smokeping does, but it is more up to date.

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