I am running a batch job daily which runs on different machines daily (Say like 4 machines). Each machine has its own log file logging all the details. Is it possible to create a shell script to split the window and run tail command to view all the log files in a single terminal?

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There's a utility that does that already: multitail.

It splits your terminal into as many regions as files you're monitoring. Runs on must Unix-like OSes, and the docs says it can run on Windows with Cygwin.


If you are using Putty then try to use Putty Connection Manager to view multiple terminals in a single window. Programatically i am not sure you can do this.


Alternatively you could use terminator - http://www.tenshu.net/terminator/

Terminator lets your arrange terminal windows in a grid, so you can have a 2x2 grid with 4 windows running tail for each log file.

sudo aptitude install terminator

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