I have a following deployed scenario.

1x nginx as frontserver for gzip and ssl ofload serving all request to the same server haproxy service listening on to do loadbalancing for three backend IIS webservers.

Now I would like to move all the static content from my backend IIS server (css, jpg, png, js...)to one or two backend Nginx servers, to release working load of IIS.

I guess I have to put another rule for static content on nginx to send to haproxy ACL to forward the requests to 2 or 3 backend nginx servers.

Anyone with the same scenario?


I found the answer myself. nginx frontend won't do anything. I will use haproxy to do the acl routings...

# Static content
acl url_static path_beg /javascripts /stylesheets /images
acl url_static path_end .jpg .jpeg .gif .png .ico .pdf .js .css .flv .swf
acl host_static hdr_beg(host) -i static0. static1. static2. static3.

use_backend static if host_static or url_static

# Default to dynamic content
default_backend dynamic

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