I'm trying to create a cert for the default web site on my local dev server using selfssl7

I ran the following and it generates a cert for the machiname ( visible under "server certificates" in IIS) SelfSSL7 /N:cn="localhost",cn="My Machine name" /K 1024 /V 18250 /I /S "Default Web Site" /T /Q

SSL works if I hit the site using the machine: "https://My Machine name" but "https://localhost" does not work The message I get is: "The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address."

How can I make SSL work using both the machine name and localhost?

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Figured it out: SelfSSL7 /Q /T /I "Default Web Site" /N cn=Machine Name;cn=localhost

This registers both the machine name and localhost in the cert

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