I am running vsftpd on my Debian squeeze server. I configured it to chroot local users into their /home/ directory. Now, the problem is that users' web pages are outside of their /home/ directories (this is to allow for non world-readable home directories). But users should be able to upload files to their web pages. Now I think it would be best to use virtual users so they can use their normal username/password combination to access their home directories, and something like username.web to access their web pages. Now, is there a way to configure vsftpd so I don't have to create a virtual user everytime I add a new 'real' user? And a way to allow the usage of users' normal passwords for their username.web login?


Consider using bind mounts. This way you can keep the existing setup. Just make sure that the permissions are set up correctly.

As in:

mount --bind /web/pages/for/user1 /home/user1/webhome

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