I cannot figure out what are the correct ./configure options to build apache on an (oldish) ubuntu distribution that would preserve the same configuration file system.

I need apache with MPM Worker and mod_WSGI

I've found this No apache MPM package installed error related question but there's no answer solving my issue. httpd -l says "prefork.c" which sounds like my desired 'mpm-worker' has not been compiled.

So far:

# get latest tar from a mirror
wget http://apache.crihan.fr/dist//httpd/httpd-2.2.19.tar.gz
# untar
tar -xf httpd-2.2.19.tar.gz
# get inside
cd httpd-2.2.19

the current configure:

 ./configure --enable-shared-mods=all --prefix=/usr/lib/apache2 --with-mpm=worker

(it actually say in the doc that 'all' does not build the modules, so I guess I'll have to fix that later)

and of course:

 sudo make install

But then:

 No apache MPM package installed

and indeed no MPM exists under /usr/lib/apache2/mpm-worker/apache2

How do I compile/build MPM-worker? Is there any other configuration parameter I am missing? Should I create a ln -s PATH /usr/sbin/apache2 to be compliant with ubuntu /etc/init.d/apache2 , or is there another suggested way?

  • Specifically which version of Ubuntu?
    – jrwren
    May 25, 2011 at 15:45
  • @jrwren : Karmic 9.10 - the included apache2 is 2.2.12
    – Stefano
    May 25, 2011 at 15:46

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I hunted down this url which is the rules file for the deb from dapper (before you replied to my comment.)


Here is the home for apache2 in ubuntu.


I couldn't find a link to Karmic from there, but i just replaced the name in the url.


Browse a version and click the code tab and see the rules file in the code repository for the karmic release.

http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/karmic/apache2/karmic/view/head:/debian/rules SAYS:

 --enable-layout=Debian --enable-so \
                  --with-program-name=apache2  \
          --with-ldap=yes --with-ldap-include=/usr/include \
          --with-ldap-lib=/usr/lib \
          --with-suexec-caller=www-data \
          --with-suexec-bin=/usr/lib/apache2/suexec \
          --with-suexec-docroot=/var/www \
          --with-suexec-userdir=public_html \
          --with-suexec-logfile=/var/log/apache2/suexec.log \
          --with-suexec-uidmin=100 \
          --enable-suexec=shared \
          --enable-log-config=static --enable-logio=static \
          --with-apr=/usr/bin/apr-1-config \
          --with-apr-util=/usr/bin/apu-1-config \
          --with-pcre=yes \


AP2_MODS_CONFARGS =   --enable-authn-alias=shared --enable-authnz-ldap=shared  \
          --enable-disk-cache=shared --enable-cache=shared \
          --enable-mem-cache=shared --enable-file-cache=shared \
          --enable-cern-meta=shared --enable-dumpio=shared --enable-ext-filter=shared \
          --enable-charset-lite=shared --enable-cgi=shared \
          --enable-dav-lock=shared --enable-log-forensic=shared \
          --enable-ldap=shared --enable-proxy=shared \
          --enable-proxy-connect=shared --enable-proxy-ftp=shared \
          --enable-proxy-http=shared --enable-proxy-ajp=shared \
          --enable-proxy-balancer=shared --enable-ssl=shared \
          --enable-authn-dbm=shared --enable-authn-anon=shared \
          --enable-authn-dbd=shared --enable-authn-file=shared \
          --enable-authn-default=shared --enable-authz-host=shared \
          --enable-authz-groupfile=shared --enable-authz-user=shared \
          --enable-authz-dbm=shared --enable-authz-owner=shared \
          --enable-authnz-ldap=shared --enable-authz-default=shared \
          --enable-auth-basic=shared --enable-auth-digest=shared \
          --enable-dbd=shared --enable-deflate=shared \
          --enable-include=shared --enable-filter=shared \
          --enable-env=shared --enable-mime-magic=shared \
          --enable-expires=shared --enable-headers=shared \
          --enable-ident=shared --enable-usertrack=shared \
          --enable-unique-id=shared --enable-setenvif=shared \
          --enable-version=shared --enable-status=shared \
          --enable-autoindex=shared --enable-asis=shared \
          --enable-info=shared --enable-cgid=shared \
          --enable-dav=shared --enable-dav-fs=shared \
          --enable-vhost-alias=shared --enable-negotiation=shared \
          --enable-dir=shared --enable-imagemap=shared \
          --enable-actions=shared --enable-speling=shared \
          --enable-userdir=shared --enable-alias=shared \
          --enable-rewrite=shared --enable-mime=shared \

That will let you build apache with the same options as the installed deb.

Although, I think an easier approach would be to use a backports build, or make one yourself. Get the source deb and build it under Karmic.

  • Even though I did not manage to get the right build simply using the ./configuration params you pasted, your links really shed some light on how to do it, so your final suggestion of getting the deb source and building them really is the way to go!
    – Stefano
    May 26, 2011 at 9:49

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