We have 2 internet (Broadband) connection,

About connection 1

  • ADSL modem (Binatone) + Netgear wireless router (Netgear WGR614-v10)
  • ADSL Modem ( , Wireless router (

About Connection 2

  • ADSL wireless modem router (Netgear DG8345-v5)


Want to connect both wireless router/modem for local file sharing, How can i do this ?

  • What are your netmasks? – Michael May 27 '11 at 6:33
  • @Cocoabean – Kumar May 27 '11 at 6:40

If both routers support RIP you should be able to just enable it and connect their LAN segments together with a crossover cable. If you don't have RIP you will have to create static routes so that traffic from 2.0/24 destined to 0.0/24 is directed to 0.0 to be routed. You would also have to add a route telling 0.0/24 to send traffic destined to 0.2/24 network to the 0.2 router. A page on your WebGUIs will probably ask for "Destination" (the network of the other router: ie. on Connection 1's router), and Gateway is of course the ip of the other router ( for Connection 1).

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