Is my only option to get version 2.6.8 via downloading from source?

My ubuntu version that was installed was 2.6.1 via apt-get.

If I download it by source, then I have to write the start/stop/restart scripts myself, was hoping to avoid this scenerio.


The Ubuntu version is identical to the Debian version, so this is an example of a package that is safe to pull directly from the Debian repositories.


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  • So do I have to update my source list to do this? or can I somehow use apt-get using that url? – Blankman May 30 '11 at 1:28
  • You can try downloading the package and installing it with dpkg -i debfile.deb, but it won't pull dependencies - if you need those you can add the Debian source to your sources.list. See howtoforge.com/a-short-introduction-to-apt-pinning just in case. – Eduardo Ivanec May 30 '11 at 3:25
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    Eduardo is correct, but that way lie monsters. Pinning is complex and can deliver unexpected results if you're not sure what you're doing. I haven't looked over the dependency list for the debian package, but you should be able to just wget that URL and dpkg -i the file it downloads. – Insyte May 30 '11 at 4:22

Another approach is to install the puppet ruby gem and the deb packages it depends on.

These being irb libopenssl-ruby libreadline-ruby rdoc ri ruby ruby-dev

Taken from "Setting up Puppet on Ubuntu 10.04" by George Ornbo. http://shapeshed.com/journal/setting-up-puppet-on-ubuntu-10-04/

I'm still at the beginners phases with puppet too, hope this helps.

Update: puppet 2,6.8 has issues with ruby 1.9, these will be fixed in puppet 2.7.0 See: http://projects.puppetlabs.com/issues/7648

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I've installed a newer puppet from the repository at http://apt.puppetlabs.com/. A simple script for Ubuntu (codename precise) could be:

rsync -av --copy-links --del rsync://apt.puppetlabs.com/packages/apt/ /var/apt/
sudo dpkg -i /var/apt/pool/precise/main/p/puppet/puppet-common_2.7.14-1puppetlabs1_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i /var/apt/pool/precise/main/p/puppet/puppetmaster-common_2.7.14-1puppetlabs1_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i /var/apt/pool/precise/main/p/puppet/puppet_2.7.14-1puppetlabs1_all.deb

Hope this helps!

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