I just recently bought 8 brand new tapes for the purposes of backing up my data to tape drives. I put in one of the brand new tapes in the drive and opened up Backup Utility because this is the program i was instructed to use. I stepped through the hoops on setting up the media for a recurring backup and when I went to execute the backup for the first time I received the following message...

Required Media Missing There is no free media available with the selected type. Add unused media or click Cancel to end the operation. Note: It may take up to 60 seconds to recognize new media.

Remember I have inserted a brand new tape for this process. What could possibly be going wrong? I did run across this article however that says I need to prepare the media. I follow these steps and when I right-click on the media to select "prepare" the only option that shows up is "free." In otherwords I cant even prepare my media for backup utility to use properly.

Any suggestions or solutions? This has been way more of a hassle than I have anticipated.


If you free the tape and run the backup from the Backup utility, it should recognize the new tapes in the Free media pool (where they go when you "free" them).

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