Resetting the RDS master user's password is simple enough, but how do you find your master users username?


The master user name can be recovered with the rds-describe-db-instances command.

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  • Good news, the second link works now. But the first doesn't. – simpleuser Feb 18 at 21:26

The master username is now listed in the RDS Dashboard.

  1. Select the "Instances" listing and expand the DB instance.
  2. Press the looking glass tab on the left.
  3. The master username is listed in the left column.

Hope this helps!

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    Nice answer as it doesn't require the API. I might add that label/field name in the GUI is not 'Master User' but simply 'Username', which (as of this writing) currently appears under the 'DB Name'. – Andrew S Mar 29 '16 at 21:34
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    In 2017 update, the master user name is now under RDS > Instances > Connect > Master username – Raptor Oct 25 '17 at 3:47
  • As of right now, the master user name is under RDS > Instances > Configuration > Master username. – Captain Delano May 1 at 14:54

With the new updated RDS UI, the username is present in the Details section of the Instance Information screen.

  1. From the List of your running Instances, click an instance name to see information about the instance.
  2. See the "Details" section of the information screen.

rds instance info screen

scroll down in that screen to see the "Details" section.

your connection information is shown here


Here is the command that you can use to get the master username of your RDS:

aws --profile=prod rds describe-db-instances
    --region us-east-1
    --db-instance-identifier YOUR-RDS-IDENTIFIER-HERE
    --query 'DBInstances[*].MasterUsername'

Note: Replace the prod with your aws profile and YOUR-RDS-IDENTIFIER-HERE with your rds instance identifier

It will give you the master username like this:


Hope that might help future reader.


I do not know how to directly find the aws admin username in 2019 AWS, however, you can see it in a snapshot. Just follow:

Main RDS console > Snapshots > A snapshot of your database > Details > Master username


It is 2019 now. It is 'Databases' on the sidebar, 'Configuration' on the navigation bar. And look for username.


Navigation bar

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