I would like to import the usernames and passwords in the svn/conf/passwd file into apache's htpasswd format. Is there any utility that can help me?


I don't know of a direct utility, but you can probably rig one up with sed and htpasswd, e.g.

sed -ne "s/\(.*[^ ]\) *\= *\([^ ].*\)/htpasswd -b password_file \"\1\" \"\2\"/p"
    < svn/conf/passwd > out.sh

to build a script that'll hopefully generate the file for you. Untested, sorry - don't have apache to hand. You'll need to create the password file first.

  • Thanks this would really help me in the future! However, for now I just managed to do it by hand! :) – Shyam Mar 7 '11 at 3:02

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