We've been happily recommending our clients to use Google Apps and this worked great. But now they changed to 10 users this is not really an option anymore for 95% of our clients. All our clients are small/midsize companies in Central America. Even paying the $9/month hosting costs to us is often difficult, so we can forget about $50/year/user email accounts. Are there any free alternatives?


By the way, all our clients really only need e-mail - most importantly POP mail. No online documents, calendar, etc. Just plain mail. Something like 25 accounts would be more than enough for almost all of them.

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Rackspace offers hosted email at US$2 per user per month.


I haven't checked it out in a while, since I first signed up to Google Apps, but I believe Microsoft offer a version of hotmail for this known as windows live apps. It was enough users when I checked but they might've changed.

  • Thanks, I've been looking at the same service. But here they explain only a few things but nothing about the number of users. And this 'Read More' page is simply down. That does not make too good of an impression. – user Jun 4 '11 at 13:04

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