I'm trying to get FreeBSD installed on a Dell R210 server with the H200 hard drive controller. I can boot with the 8.2-RELEASE ISO and the 8-STABLE-20110522 ISO. My problem is getting it to boot from the internal HDs.

It seems that I need a driver in the 8-STABLE branch (not in 8.2-RELEASE) in order to use the disks as da0 and da1. It doesn't work with them in a RAID-1 configuration at all, unfortunately. So I booted from the 8-STABLE-20110522 disk and can install with it. However, I think that I can only install official releases, not from the stable branch.


1) Am I wrong? Is there a way to install 8-STABLE while booted from that DVD?

2) Is there a way to cvsup/makeworld the internal drive while booted from a DVD?

Thanks in advance!

  1. You can install STABLE branch (unless installer is broken).You can install it even if installer is broken. You need to run install.sh scripts in appropriate sub-directories of 8-STABLE directory in root of DVD (base & kernels is minimal set) with DESTDIR param pointing to your HDD.
  2. You can extract FreeBSD source to your HDD by using install.sh DESTDIR=/mnt/yourhdd in ./8-STABLE/src. After that you can building world with make buildworld and finally installing with make installworld DISTDIR=/mnt/yourhdd

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