I'm looking for the syntax to do a capture filter on WireShark, by capturing the traffic on several (specific) IP addresses. I understand how to capture a range, and an individual IP address. However, the application I am capturing on is spread of a 'bucket' of IP addresses/servers, of which other applications are based within the same range. See my example:

  • ECommerce App Servers:,, - This is what I want to capture on (filtered on these exact IPs) I have tried 'host host' etc.
  • There are other applications within this range, e.g. PayRoll App is on, and I don't want to see any of this in my capture. Therefore 'net' to capture the whole range will not work for me.

Can anyone provide me the syntax? Is it even possible?

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I just tested

host or host

as a capture filter in a wireshark session and it did what you ask (selected all traffic to or from either of those addresses). You can continue to add host a.b.c.d requirements, if you need to.

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