I have a file opened with vim, how do I keep the top 10 header lines at the top all the time while I scroll down the page?



esc : 10 sp

ctrl-w to switch between.

They are referred to as viewports in vi parlance.

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    Wilshire wanted to add: "shift-ZZ to go back to normal viewing" – Chris S Jun 16 '11 at 1:38
  • Note that the split comand (sp is short for split) is specific to vim. These days it's a pretty safe bet that you if you're on a Linux system you are running vim, but it's worth noting that if you find yourself on a system with vanilla vi (FreeBSD, Solaris) that this won't work. – larsks Jun 16 '11 at 2:39

The keystrokes ctrl-w s will split the screen horizontally, and ctrl-w ctrl-w will switch your focus back and forth. You can widen the current viewport with ctrl-w +, or make is smaller with (any guess?) ctrl-w -.

You can do vertical splits with ctrl-w v, and you can split a split to make fairly complex sets of viweports inside the vim screen.

Using :q will close your current viewport.

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