I have windows server 2003 64bit and my clients running on windows xp 32bit. My clients have user rights so they can't install any program. I have some programs needs admin rights for example I have French dictionary without admin right the program will not work properly. I don't want go to each PC and login with admin account then go to program folder located in programs files to give full permission to the group. Is there a way to add them folder in group policy so I can force all the PCs to have full access on the folder? Thanks you in advance.

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Group Policy should handle this without problems. Example I have for locking down the C: root folder on Windows 7:

Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > File System > %SystemDrive%\

  • Permissions
    • Type: Allow, Name: BUILTIN\Administrators, Permission: Full Control, Apply to: This folder, subfolders and files
    • Type: Allow, Name: CREATOR OWNER, Permission: Full Control, Apply to: Subfolders and files only
    • Type: Allow, Name: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM, Permission: Full Control, Apply to: This folder, subfolders and files
    • Type: Allow, Name: BUILTIN\Users, Permission: Read and Execute, Apply to: This folder, subfolders and files
  • Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects: Disabled

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A little hard to understand, but I think what you need is to create a user group for the users who would need access, then assign the appropriate NTFS permissions to that group in the folder.

  • what I have done is first I installed the program on active directory then I created new policy by editing: - Computer setting à Computer setting à Security setting à file system Added new file and specify where I installed the program (c:\program files\program name) then selected the group (who want to have full access) and I gave him full permission after another menu for configure this files or folder I selected the option say replace existing permissions on all subfolders and files with inheritable permissions. I forced the clients and I have restarted PCs but nothing work.Thanks alot Jun 21, 2011 at 15:57
  • That covers NTFS permissions ... does the group also have rights to access the network share?
    – Daniel B.
    Jun 21, 2011 at 17:10
  • Should be yes because I have added registry keys and it's working! so what should I check more? Jun 24, 2011 at 10:16

If I understand correctly you want to allow a group of people admin rights within a specific folder to allow them to install the program themselves. If that is the case, then I believe you can add a group into your Active Directory such as TEMP ADMIN and add all of the users you want to have the privileges to that group. Then explore or log into your Domain Control, locate the folder and add the group TEMP ADMIN to the security tab under property settings. This should allow the users to access and install the folder contents.

  • Thanks for quick reply could you please read what I have wrote in previous comment.Sorry for bad explanation Jun 21, 2011 at 15:59
  • O shoot sorry about that. Guess you were one step ahead of me already. Well I thought that would work but I'll look more into it.
    – GMitch
    Jun 21, 2011 at 16:02

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