I'm trying to set up Bug Genie 3.x on my Linode server, and it is complaining because I have pcre 7.8 instead of 8.x. Doing an apt-get update and upgrade doesn't help and says that I have the latest version of libpcre3. Am I supposed to install something else, or is 7.8 the latest version in the apt-get libraries right now?

I'd be comfortable building from source if someone can supply very detailed instructions, but otherwise I'd probably end up making a big mess, and would rather use apt-get anyway.

Note that this will have to work with a standard LAMP stack (apache/php), so if there's any gotchas there that anyone knows about, I'd greatly appreciate any heads up that can reduce my headaches later on.


Ubuntu 11.04 includes libpcre3 8.12. You could use Ubuntu Backports to get this PCRE version on your system.

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    Thanks, this would be the general answer for getting it, so thanks for that, but it doesn't look like libpcre3 is available on the backports for lucid. I could submit a request and wait for that to get filled, but since the server is non-critical I just decided to do an in-place upgrade to 11.04, which of course did the trick. – devrelm Jun 24 '11 at 18:48

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