I am running "Amazon Linux AMI release 2010.11.2". I noticed that the AWS CLI tools are outdated.

I have tried to use yum update and yum upgrade but it's telling me that the packages are already at their latest version.

How would I update the CLI tools, and how would I update the distribution itself? E.g. to a newer version of AWS Linux.


sudo pip install --upgrade awscli
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According to Amazon Linux AMI 2011.02 Beta Release Notes

The correct procedure for updating AWS Linux AMI is:

sudo /usr/sbin/distro-upgrade.sh

This also installs the latest versions of CLI Tools.

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FYI -- Ok so It's a dead thread but if someone land here, there is a new release of a AWS CLI (http://aws.amazon.com/cli/) which includes api for ALL web services

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    This is not a forum; there is no such thing as a "dead thread" here. – Michael Hampton Nov 22 '13 at 6:10

There is another way via YUM sudo yum update aws-cli

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