I tried using the command

 sudo find / -type d -iname firefox  

It gave me the following output


But i have a directory named firefox located at


why is not it listed here ?


Most probably because /usr/local/sbin/in (or one of the earlier components) is a symlink to another directory. find doesn't follow symlinks by default; use -follow or -L to change this, but be aware that it can lead to find looping over a directory tree.

  • head on actually firefox itself was a symlink to the dir located /etc/firefox4/firefox :P – Bunny Rabbit Jul 3 '11 at 11:08

Is it named just firefox? Is does not have version numbers attached to the name? You are not using wildcards in your find statement, so a directory called firefox-3 will not be found.


Since you mentioned geeokosaur was right, you can use this form to include the direct symlink:

sudo find / \( -type d -o -xtype d \) -iname firefox  

Or as geekosaur, suggested already, use find -L as that also deals with the case where (say) /usr/local/sbin is a symbolic link.

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