I'm used to work with XAMPP on Mac without problems, using it on Ubuntu probably giving me some user permission problem. I've set the XAMPP security as the guide too.

I've installed and tested everything with XAMPP site guide without problems but this:

if I use an ftp client with XAMPP ftp user to create and edit files in htdocs folder (I'm using gedit with ftp client plugin, everithing works fine.

If I paste a folder with an existing project in htdocs folder I get Error 403 by testing it with my web browser.

I've also followed the guide here without success.

What should I do to fix the problem? I'm not a master with Ubuntu but I can use the shell with instructions.


As you said, it does sound like a permissions problem. If you know the user that apache runs as, chown the files to that user/group. You can find the Apache user, by looking in httpd.conf, there are two lines 'User' and 'Group'.

Alternatively, you could find the user/group of the files you uploaded with FTP (which you have said work). Run: ls -l on the directory and note the username.

Once you have the user and group, you can apply that to one of the directories you copied, by running:

cd /path/to/directory
chown -R user:group *

(that will recursively set the user and group for all files and directories under the current one).

Hopefully that works for you. If not check the permissions (again, running ls -l) and ensure the user has read access. You can set the permissions with chmod.

You might also want to check your .htaccess file or your httpd.conf file for any directory restrictions, but first try to set the permissions.

  • You can of course, change the User and Group in httpd.conf to whatever your local username is (or whatever user you will be uploading as, etc) - you may still need to take ownership of the files though. – cyberx86 Jul 4 '11 at 21:09

Here are instructions for XAMPP how to avoid this problem by running XAMPP under your own user account:


  • none of the answers worked for me, finally I've changed the folder htdocs permissions to let it works with my user – vitto Jul 5 '11 at 12:38

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