is this the right format:

http://mirror/debian/security squeeze/updates main contrib non-free

or this:

http://mirror/debian/security squeeze-updates main contrib non-free

squeeze/updates VS squeeze-updates (slash vs hypen).

I have seen both and the new debian sequeeze seems to have the hypen version? Is this the new format? (Maybe I am wrong, it seems the current debian also has both, so they seem to be something different, who can explain it what the difference is.)


Which is the right format depends on how the mirror you're connecting to is configured. Both of those formats are syntactically correct. It's a question of whether the mirror you're using uses squeeze/updates or squeeze-updates as the code name. Either could be used.


The format used on all Debian installations I admin for is squeeze/updates, check for your local installation with man 5 sources.list.

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