How can I extract the binaries out of a pkg file without adding them to the default locations under /usr or other default folder. I want to add this package under my own directory /our_own_directory/our_own_prefix_specific_for_this_package so it is self contained, easy to know what is going on, and is tied to our application directories instead of OS directories.

Also, I don't want to touch the global database of installed packages.

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Though this won't install the package, you can transfer them from a package file (aka a datastream package) to a spool location with the pkgtrans command:

pkgtrans filename.pkg /home/user/existing_temporary_package_prefix_dir

This will extract the package file system hierarchy as well as the pkginfo file and any pre/post install scripts into your directory.

  • Would it be necessary to execute any post install script using this strategy that bypasses standard package installation?
    – SAFX
    Feb 23 at 22:57

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