I just took delivery of a new desktop from Dell with win7 pro preinstalled. I removed the preinstalled dell crapware and then installed the software I really needed, ran updates and joined my domain. To my surprise I found that the group policy settings that customized my the home page to the company intranet did not apply.

It's strange because I had just created a new win7 VM and installed the OS from scratch. After the domain join, the homne page was set by group policy as normal. I really haven't changed this GP setting in a few years and it has always worked without a hitch.

I guess the next time I get a new box from Dell I'll format the HD and install Windows from scratch. That's not a great option right now because I've already installed all of my apps.

Anybody know how I can debug this and possibly get these GPOs working without a full reinstall?


You might want to try running:

gpupdate /force 

from the command line, or perhaps:


to run the Resultant Set of Policy tool which will allow you to examine the GPOs that are being applied.


Look at the Resultant Set of Policy.

Verify that the computer is in the correct OU to get the GPO pushed to it.

Run gpupdate /force

Look in the eventvwr for failed GPO settings.


Use RSOP and gpresult to debug the issue.

  • I ran RSOP and got an "Invalid Namespace" error on the physical box that had the problem, but no error on the VM which did have the policy – John Hoge Jul 7 '11 at 14:21

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