Alright, hopefully this is a simple one..

We have a new server on our domain CMOT2.ourcompany.local I want to host a few IIS sites on it and refer to them as WIKI.CMOT2.ourcompany.local etc.

I set up the IIS bindings, and also set up DNS CNAME aliases, but it doesn't resolve even after adding aliases I can resolve WIKI.CMOT2 in any way. Just for completeness:

CNAME lives in cmot2 'folder' under ourcompany.local Alias name is 'wiki' FQDN for target host is cmot2.ourcompany.local

-- just noticed that if I nslookup cmot2 or cmot2.lacea.local, I get "non-existent domain". Yet there is an A record for sitting in DNS.... and i am able to nslookup the other A-records..

Oh gods of expert administration, please advise!

  • So, you're using nslookup to lookup wiki.cmot2 and it's not resolving? – joeqwerty Jul 12 '11 at 0:19

Within the cmot2 folder you'll want an A record that points the IP address and has no name.

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