I know how to redirect browsers based on user-agent to the mobile site.

However I am having trouble allowing mobile users to view more then one version of a full pages.

Here is the scenario:

  • Mobile user comes into the site
  • User-agent is detected and redirected to the mobile site accordingly
  • User views a html page but wants to view the full version
  • User clicks the url with a ?ver=full parameter
  • This prevents the user from being redirected to the mobile site again
  • While on the full site the user clicks another link, they want to stay on the full version but because the link does not have the ?ver=full parameter they get redirected to the mobile site.

Note that all these pages are html (not php/asp) so this logic has to be done in Apache



You can add code to your application to write cookies into clients browser, this will help you to determine which page user wants to see :)

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  • These pages are all in html so I don't have an application language to work with – ckliborn Jul 13 '11 at 14:07

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